With the slogan "Rectitude & Benevolence" (R&B) - Aspire International Patent Firm is committed to sincerely and faithfully provide the best service for every client.

The requirements and roles of intellectual property undergo drastic changes as the times change. Aspire International Patent Firm is ready to handle any such changes flexibly and confidently. With the R&B slogan, which is the backbone of the mindset of the Japanese people, we provide our clients with continuous support and our ability to make excellent proposals in order to establish long term relationships built on trust. You can count on Aspire International Patent Firm, an expert with a wealth of experience and a proven track record in such technological field as electronics, communication, information technology, components and materials.

With a view to achieving further growth and a bright tomorrow,
Aspire International Patent Firm has been continuing the training
and development of next-generation personnel ever since the foundation of 1959.

--Greeting after COVID-19--

§ Acknowledgments to all medical personnel

Since March 2020, harmful influences of the COVID-19 have been persistent and I am worried about the future of Japan and the world. I would like to express our deep gratitude to all medical personnel for those infected with the COVID-19. I would also like to express our deepest sympathies to those who were unfortunately died of the COVID-19. Furthermore, I heartily hope that patients suffering from the COVID-19 will be able to heal as soon as possible.

§ Role of patent attorneys in economic depression

It would be inevitable that economic activity will be stagnant and recession due to the influence of the COVID-19. Under these circumstances, I myself deeply speculate day and night how patent attorneys can contribute to society and industries.
Our jobs, namely, patent attorney's jobs are to usually prepare documents concerned with inventions, designs, or marks based on a new idea of clients, and submit them to the patent office or offices, such as JPO, USPTO, CIPO, KIPO, EPO, and the like on behalf of the clients. For this reason, our jobs might be unfamiliar to the general public.

§ Our jobs in the good old days

In the good old days when Japan aimed to catch up with the West, there were many inventors who invented and obtained patents, and tried to commercialize their patents. In addition, there were many companies that tried to get patents during the recession. For this reason, our jobs for helping such inventors and companies might be strong against a recession.

§ Patent Attorney’s Jobs in the future

However, recent general trend in Japan has been widely focused to manga, animation, and tourism. They have been touted as Japan's core industries. In this connection, interest in science and technology has relatively diminished, and inventors who are trying to get patents based on new ideas would be very small in number. In addition, fewer companies in Japan might be trying to earn money with patents.
In such a situation, I believe that patent attorney's social and industrial contribution would be to encourage inventions and to thereby contribute to development of industries. Fortunately, patent attorneys have experienced inventions in various technical fields and have technical knowledge over wide technical fields. Such experiences and knowledge would be very helpful to understand and cope with technologies related to various technical fields. Thus, I would want to give you an opportunity to utilize our technical knowledge and wisdom.
In addition, I consider that I myself may propose or publicly disclose my invention or inventions to the general public. This might result in encouragement of inventions and understanding of our jobs by the general public.
I hope that an interest for inventions would be increased through my invention or inventions. Thus, this would desirably give a chance of creating many other inventions and creating new industries. And I ardently hope that encouragement of inventions would serve to regain a vibrant society.
Under the circumstances, I myself will try to actively apply for inventions in the future. I would be very happy if it is an opportunity of bringing about an interest in making money with wisdom once again.

Noriyasu Ikeda, Representative Director
May, 2020
Noriyasu Ikeda



Name of Firm Aspire International Patent Firm
Telephone +81-3-3591-1507
Facsimile +81-3-3503-0250
Established 1959
Representative Director Noriyasu Ikeda
Number of Members Total 26 (Patent Attorneys 6)
As of April , 2015
Services: + Representation before the Japanese Patent Office in filing and prosecuting patent applications, utility model applications, design applications and trademark applications; maintaining patents, utility models, designs and trademarks
+ Representation in filing and prosecuting international patent applications before the Japanese Patent Office
+ Assistance in filing and prosecuting patent applications, utility model applications, design applications and trademark applications, maintaining patents, utility models, designs and trademarks in foreign countries
+ Assistance in litigation
+ Providing technical opinion


  • 1959Washimi Patent Firm was established
  • 1970The company changes its name to Ashida Patent Firm
  • 1989The company changes its name to Goto & Ikeda Patent Firm
  • 2005The company changes its name to Aspire International Patent Firm
  • 2008Firm relocated to HIBIYA location
  • 2017Firm relocated to current location

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